SC Public Railways Expands Efforts at Former Base

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Apr 072012

SC Public RailwaySouth Carolina Public Railways on Thursday announced demolition plans of old, unsafe buildings located on the former Navy base.
“In an ongoing effort to clean up and promote redevelopment efforts on the former Navy base we have begun demolishing buildings that are either unsafe or unsightly to those who work on and visit the base,” said Jeff McWhorter, president and CEO of South Carolina Public Railways.
Since acquiring a majority of the Noisette property on the former Navy base in 2010, South Carolina Public Railways continues to invest in infrastructure and improvements to help spur additional economic development activity on the base.
Demolition work is currently underway at the former Navy base security headquarters building and the federal credit union offices located near the old McMillan Avenue gate in North Charleston. The security headquarters building has been razed, and demolition work will start soon for the credit union building. Total cost of the demolition project is roughly $30,000. Continue reading »

Commerce Department Abandons Land Condemnation

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Nov 022011

According to the Charleston Region Business Journal, the state has abandoned the condemnation of a tract of land needed for an intermodal container transfer facility in North Charleston, according to court filings.

Department of CommerceAttorneys for the S.C. Department of Commerce and Division of Public Railways filed a notice of abandonment of condemnation on Monday. A spokeswoman for the Department of Commerce was not available for comment this afternoon.

The property, called Tract 6 in court documents, is about 24 acres owned by the Noisette Co. The historic Navy hospital building is on the tract, and the state planned to use a strip of the land for rail and right of way for its proposed intermodal rail facility, which would serve the S.C. State Ports Authority’s North Charleston Terminal.

Commerce condemned two tracts of land in January, Tract 6 and Tract 10 (see a map here), as part of its plans for the intermodal rail yard.

Check the Charleston Regional Business Journal for more information and continued updates.

Jun 132011

According to Matt Tomsic writing for the CRBJ, the state of South Carolina, the S.C. Department of Commerce and the S.C. State Ports Authority sued the city of North Charleston today, saying the city is misreading a 2002 memorandum of understanding that grants rail access through the southern end of the former Navy base.

The memorandum has been a key document in the dispute between the city and the state Department of Commerce about competing intermodal rail plans. The city says the state is violating the memorandum with its plan for rail access through the northern end of the former Navy base.

For more full coverage on this continuing story, please visit the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

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