Thoughts on Light Rail in Charleston

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Jul 102011

Street SmartWell, the posting of the video on the light rail system in Charlotte seemed to get some discussion stirred up on other social media sites about the possibilities here in Charleston. Some good points were made on all side, but to aid in this I thought I would post a few links on the top.

What we have here are some articles from the Post & Courier from last year. The first article is titled “Time to consider light rail” and was published February 10, 2010. I love the closing of this piece:

Charleston is one of the country’s most lovely areas and people have tried over the centuries to keep it that way. Light rail would contribute to that goal. If it is preferable to commuter rail, the area shouldn’t prematurely settle for second best.

The second article is from June 17 of the same year, “Look at light rail option“. A very good article, again, with a very good closing summation:

Enthusiasm for mass transit has grown nationally and here. The community needs to become part of the dialogue to ensure that the Charleston area gets transportation that is appropriate — and that the area isn’t left in a cloud of automotive dust.

Oh, and here is one from even further back, 2005. This one is titled, “Time to plan for light rail“.

Please take a read and let’s hear your thoughts. Is this an idea you could get behind? Is the concept of light rain in Charleston finally ready for¬†prime-time?

Jul 082011

This is just a short clip of the Lynx light rail system in Charlotte, NC. I took this as the train (trolley?) was pulling into the Convention Center station. It is a great system, now they just need to extend it further out.


And here is an article from June of 2008 in Charleston’s Post & Courier about Charlotte’s light rail system.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Charleston had a light rail system like this?

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