Rail Damage Due to Floods

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Oct 072015

Just a couple of photos of the damage to the rails in South Carolina as a result of the rain and flooding. This would certainly make using the lines problematic. Of course fixing the damage is also difficult as the waters continue to rise even now and the ground is saturated.

Rail Damage in South Carolina

We did not take these photos, and we are trying to find out exactly where these tracks are and what line they belong to.

Rail Damage in South Carolina 2

These photos originally appeared on the Google+ thread of photographer Phillip Guyton, from Florence, South Carolina.

Oct 052015

The Charleston Regional Business Journal is reporting that Norfolk Southern has shut down the rail line that runs in and out of Charleston, said Susan Terpay, the rail line’s S.C. spokeswoman.

NS About

The constant deluge of rain that has hammered South Carolina for days has caused significant damage to Norfolk Southern’s Charleston service and rendered it inoperable, which impacts Port of Charleston customers.

Flash flooding and record rainfall have washed out tracks and closed rail bridges, Terpay said. No information is available yet on how many miles of track are damaged or how many customers will be impacted.

The Charleston rail service will be restored on Friday at the earliest. Norfolk Southern personnel are currently assessing damages on-site. Terpay said Norfolk Southern is checking to see which specific lines were impacted by flooding in South Carolina. She said damage to the company’s rail system is not statewide.

Read the full story at The Charleston Regional Business Journal.

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