Model Train Show A Success

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Nov 192014

Charleston Area Model Railroad and Train Show 2014 03The 2014 edition of Charleston’s annual model railroad and train show was a success, at least by my books. Make no mistake about it, I am not the organizer nor am I involved with the production of this show either officially or unofficially, but from where I sit and from what I saw, the show was a great success.

With the show spread over two buildings, both the armory and the gymnasium across the street, the show was bigger than ever. Also, by having more room, things just felt a bit less cramped. Add to that the genuinely fun atmosphere created by such things as a Lionel race track set up by Train Town and of course the different layouts on display, and it seemed to me that all who attended were having a good time.

There were a wide variety of dealers on hand with everything from craftsman structures to vintage Lionel trains. I did not ask any of the dealers how sales were going, but I saw lots of transactions taking place, lots of folks with purchases in their hands, and I know that I myself exchange cash for goods. The hard part was not buying everything I laid my eyes on.

Hopefully this year’s show was a sign of things to come, and future editions of the show will continue to grow in success and size. As should the hobby.

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