Jul 212012

Chatham Area Transit Authority (CAT) announced that the River Street Streetcar, “Dottie,” remains out of service at this Savannah, Georgia Streetcartime. The City of Savannah is making some improvements to the shed and track where the streetcar is housed, including raising the tracks to improve efficiency and provide a more comfortable ride.

The projected date of completion and reinstatement of service has been tentatively set for August 30, 2012. The authentic 1930s Melbourne streetcar is both environmentally friendly and ADA accessible. It is a pleasurable link to Savannah’s fare-free downtown transportation system. CAT Executive Director Dr. Chadwick Reese shares, “The streetcar is one of Savannah’s proudest treasures! It not only represents a link to Savannah’s historic past; but it is also a current economic generator to our downtown community. The upgrades to the system will ensure its viability, as well as serve as a platform to use as we seek to expand the system.”

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