Nov 182015

According to the Charleston Regional Business Journal, CSX has designated 362 acres of West Branch Commerce Park in Berkeley County as a Select Site, signifying that it is ready for manufacturing development.

CSX Land Map

Select Sites are properties along the CSX network where certain land use and due diligence criteria have been met, including size, access to rail services, proximity to highways, workforce availability, natural gas, electricity, water, wastewater, environmental and geotechnical standards.

CSX Land 1

The sites are designed to streamline the process of building a new facility and can make a region more attractive during the recruitment process.

CSX Land 2

The 689-acre industrial park is adjacent to U.S. Highway 52 and CSX’s mainline, three miles south of Moncks Corner. The site, which was formerly a wholesale nursery operation, is owned by North Charleston-based The InterTech Group.

CSX Land 3

CSX Land 4

Read the full story at the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

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