Charleston Rail Bibliography


Charleston and Hamburg RailroadFetters, Thomas – The Charleston & Hamburg: A South Carolina Railroad & an American Legacy Many claim that the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was the first in the United States, but in reality the Charleston & Hamburg was the first to provide regular service to passengers when it opened its doors in Charleston, South Carolina, on Christmas Day 1830. It would ultimately carry people and goods from the Lowcountry to what is now north Augusta.

Palmetto TractionFetters, Thomas – Palmetto traction: Electric railways of South Carolina History of the various trolley, streetcar and traction lines in South Carolina. Includes historic photographs, maps, rosters, and index. A look at the early years of electric railways in South Carolina. In researching the book, the author rode the bus lines and traced the local car tracks by bicycle. Excellent archival black and white illustrations throughout.

Louisville, Cincinnati and CharlestonGrant, H. Roger – The Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston Rail Road: Dreams of Linking North and South (Railroads Past and Present) Among the grand antebellum plans to build railroads to interconnect the vast American republic, perhaps none was more ambitious than the Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston. The route was intended to link the cotton-producing South and the grain and livestock growers of the Old Northwest with traders and markets in the East, creating economic opportunities along its 700-mile length. But then came the Panic of 1837, and the project came to a halt. H. Roger Grant tells the incredible story of this singular example of “railroad fever” and the remarkable visionaries whose hopes for connecting North and South would require more than half a century—and one Civil War—to reach fruition.

Memory of TrainsRubin, Louis – A Memory of Trains: The Boll Weevil and Others This is the way that Louis D. Rubin, Jr., remembers steam railroading during the days when trains were still the dominant mode of American intercity travel. In the years after the Second World War, as a young newspaperman, he spent much of his time riding and photographing trains. It was a time when coal-powered Iron Horses were giving way to diesel-electric locomotives. Railfans and general readers alike will enjoy this memoir featuring more than one hundred of Rubin’s photographs. This account tells of the role that railroads and railroading played in his life as a child and youth and as an adult in search of a vocation.

Vital Rails Charleston and Savannah RailroadStone, H. David – Vital Rails: The Charleston & Savannah Railroad and the Civil War in Coastal South Carolina Vital Rails is an excellent study that expertly connects the importance of the Charleston & Savannah Railroad to the Confederacy’s overall war effort. Rich with detailed information, maps, and images, Stone’s book is a must-read for all those interested in truly understanding the crucial logistical and military operations in the South Carolina lowcountry during the Civil War.

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